Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week Sixty Six

I have finished Twigs and Willows. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

I love the design and will be reknitting this with a different yarn. The yoke is so pretty.

The sleeves went in pretty well too. (Although I redid the numbers because I was working to a different gauge)

My reservations are all connected with my yarn choice.
I used Swans Island Worsted in Vintage Lilac. A hand dyed yarn from natural dyes.
All five skeins had the same dyelot but even so they had a lot of variation. I had to alternate using three strands in order to get a blend. Also, the sleeves aren't a good match to the body since they were blended from a different skein combination.

However now I've assembled this cardigan it's not as obvious as it was when I was closely inspecting each piece. There is a teeny bit of 'striping' on the back but overall its not too bad.

My second comment is that I think I could have gone up a size. (Although I have a tendency to always oversize my knits and sewn garments). I also chose a very tight gauge to work this yarn and the yoke detail really pulls in.
As its shown here it has been steam blocked. I'm going to wash the cardigan and more aggressively block it to see what happens.

Finally, I was very fortunate with the buttons. They're 1960s (?) vintage bought from All Buttons Great and Small in Sydney (sidebar link). I bought them back in 2008 for a kid mohair cardigan.

Here is the former cardigan. The yarn was GGH Soft Kid in Bright Lilac. The pattern is Cabled Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from her book "Closely Knit".

That was a lovely cardigan to wear, but sadly the years stretched and pilled it. Before getting rid of it I removed the buttons (6 as one was lost).


  1. Beautiful Twigs and Willows! Too bad about the skeins not matching - I'm sure it's not that noticeable in person.

  2. Twigs and Willows looks stunning.